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    Rhythmic Gymnastic Hoops look like Hoola Hoops but are designed with a little more pixie dust. You will find the largest selection of Hoops in the world for the beginning rhythmic gymnast all the way up to the Olympic and World Competitors here at www.rhythmicgymnastics.com.
    24 products
    Sasaki M-11ST-F Hoop FIG APPROVED
    Sasaki M-14-F Flexible Hoop FIG APPROVED
    Sasaki Hoop M-13 Standard Hoop
    Chacott Soft Hoop FIG APPROVED
    Chacott Hoop FIG APPROVED
    Chacott Junior Hoop
    Sasaki AC-57 RG Coordinated Bag
    Sasaki AC-59 R.G. Girl Hoop Cover B x LMY
    Sasaki AC-56 I LOVE R.G. Hoop Cover
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    Classic Hoop Cover
    Sasaki Aurora Tape HT-8
    Sasaki Aurora Tape
    Sasaki Aurora Hoop Tape HT-8
    Chacott Mermaid Tape
    Chacott MORPHO Tape
    Sale price $29.00 Regular price $31.00 Save $2
    Sasaki Miracle Tape HT-1 Silver
    Sasaki Holographic Hoop Tape HT-3
    Chacott DIAMOND Tape
    Chacott Holographic Tape
    Chacott Holographic Tape
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    HT Sparkly Holographic HT Hoop Tape 1"
    HT Sparkly Holographic Hoop Tape 1/2"
    HT Sparkly Hoop Tape
    HT Bright Metallic Hoop Tape
    HT Clear Hoop Tape
    Chacott Sretch Hoop Cover
    Maintenance Tape 063.Yellow