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Jan 29, 2022


RhythmicGymnastics.com Brand Ambassadors represent with their love and commitment to the sport, what we value most.

The joy of being part of the Rhythmic Gymnastics community, the hard work it takes to be the best and the continued search for better ways to show our customers RhythmicGymnastics.com is the best shop online to buy your gear.


Victoria Koveleb txt

Victoria was born in Connecticut and raised in New York and later moved to Florida. Her first sports were tennis and ballet; however, she did not stick with it. She went to school at Mill Creek Elementary school and started Rhythmic gymnastics at World Rhythmics, in Jacksonville Florida. She had her first class when she was only 5 years old. In time, after completing level 7 she switched clubs and joined Rhythmic Art Miami Gymnastics Club where she currently trains. Victoria looks up to many Rhythmic Gymnasts, two of her favorites are Alina Kabaeva and Yana Kudryavtseva.

She represented the USA at the Junior Pan American Games, is a junior Pan American Champion within team USA, Silver Pan American Champion in Rope, Bronze Pan American Champion in ball. She also competed at the 1st Junior World Championships, and Aeon World Cup. Victoria is currently doing virtual school to keep up with her trainings and is a Junior in Highschool. Victoria is a second-year senior and looks forward to her next competitive season.


Victoria Koveleb R


 Victoria Koveleb Clubs R


 Victoria Koveleb Clubs 2 R


 Laura Zeng 19-20

Laura was born in Hartford,Connecticut and raised in Libertyville, Illinois where she attended Libertyville High School. After first studying Chinese dance and ballet, Laura started Rhythmic Gymnastics at age 7 after her friend told her about it.  Her favorite motto is: "Work hard and work smart". She doesn't seem to have a particularly favorite rhythmic gymnast as a role mode. She represented team USA in 2016 Rio Olympics Games as sole individual rhythmic gymnast when she was a high school sophomore. In 2018, Laura graduated from high school as a Finalist of National Merit Scholar and is committed to Yale University. She continues her training at the North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center for the 2020 Summer Olympics, taking gap years at a local community college.


Laura Zeng Ribbon


 Laura Zeng Hoop


Karla Díaz 19-20

Karla Díaz Arnal was born in México City, her love for Rhythmic Gymnastics has taken her into an eleven year journey representing México in International Competitions. She has been a fifteen-time Pan-American Medalist and has in four World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. She was the first reserve gymnast to the Summer Olympic Games of Rio 2016. She is currently focus on her Rhythmic Gymnastics career. 


Karla Díaz Hoop


Karla Díaz Clubs


Marina Malpica 19-20

This Veracruz born Mexican athlete´s love for Rhythmic Gymnastics has been going on for 14 years. She left home at 13 and went to Mexico City in order to continue growing and polishing her skills. She is a Central American gold and silver medalist as well as a Pan-American Games silver and bronze medalist. With her eyes set on Tokyo 2020, Marina trains one day at a time, while enjoying what she loves most: Rhythmic Gymnastics.


Marina Malpica Ball


Marina Malpica Hoop

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