Essential Information for Purchasing FIG Certified Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment

Apr 17, 2024

Key Topics Covered

This guide provides crucial insights into selecting and verifying FIG certified equipment for rhythmic gymnastics, ensuring compliance for competition use.

  1. Necessity of FIG Certification for Rhythmic Gymnastics Equipment:

    • The equipment used in rhythmic gymnastics includes ropes, hoops, balls, clubs, ribbons, and ribbon sticks. For participation in FIG sanctioned competitions, it's essential that all these apparatuses are FIG certified to avoid disqualification.
  2. Understanding FIG Certification:

    • FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) or International Gymnastics Federation is the global governing body for gymnastics, setting standards for competition equipment. Equipment that meets FIG standards will feature a permanent "FIG-approved" logo.
  3. Recognizing FIG Approved Equipment:

    • Look for the permanent "FIG-approved" logo on the equipment. The latest regulations prohibit removable stickers, ensuring all approved equipment has fixed identification.
  4. Selecting the Right Brands for FIG-Approved Equipment:

    • Major brands like SASAKI (Japan), CHACOTT (Japan), PASTORELLI (Italy), and VENTURELLI (Italy) are known for their FIG-approved equipment. Among these, SASAKI is frequently chosen by top athletes and teams, boasting the largest catalog of certified apparatuses.
  5. Tips for Verifying FIG Certification:

    • When buying, especially online, ensure the product listing clearly states the equipment is FIG approved. For SASAKI products, look for model names ending in "-F" to indicate FIG certification.
  6. Importance of Adhering to FIG Standards:

    • Using non-certified equipment can lead to disqualification from competitions. Always verify the certification to ensure compliance and to uphold the integrity of the sport.

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